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What does it mean to ship a cargo to Paraguay?

As a Mediterranean country, cargo transportation to Paraguay presents some challenges, usually unknown to the rest of the world. For us, the work just begins when the cargo arrives to the transshipment port in Montevideo or Buenos Aires.

Traditionally, all traffic is carried by river to Asuncion, which presents serious challenges depending on the depth of the river. Additionally, it is not unusual that transit terminals become congested due to different problems, and transport times become excessively long. That is why we put together a suitable product for the needs of our market. After transporting more than 25,000 cbm load, we can say that we are experts at what we do, and that we are the best option for transit to Paraguay.

Import/Export of consolidated cargo from and to anywhere in the world
Transport of hazardous, oversized, fragile and high value cargo
Reconditioning, repackaging, relabeling of cargo
Photos and merchandise control
Dry, chilled and frozen warehouses
Distribution throughout the national territory
Warehouses anywhere in the world
Consolidation of cargo from everywhere in the world for unified transit to Paraguay